b250 class BYu-i


I have learned much this week in the way of how to analyze and interpret the data that We receive from seemingly the most simple of sources, and that is Our own web-site.  I didn’t realize at first just how important it is to have a visitor directed precisely where We want them to be, or should I say, where They want to go, on Our website.  I know that the second a Person clicks on Your website and Their directed to some non-relevant resource, They are likely to presume instantly that You’re unprofessional and will click the back button before Your processor can count the milliseconds since 1970, which is how cookies keep track of You by the way, and this brings Me to My next point and that is the importance of keeping track of things in a systematic and uniform way.  I know that with precision, We can be effective, and when We effectively manage Our resources, We will succeed if We are following THE LORD’S guidance.

Brother Paulsen


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